About Monkeys Fist

Colin Devey

Colin, the only member of the band to have actually worked at sea, is a well-known and respected singer of traditional songs and sea shanties around Yorkshire and beyond. His deep and powerful voice is a major contributor to the “wall of sound” that has become a trademark of a Monkey’s Fist performance. Incidentally, he is the only one capable of tying the knot.

Steve Flude

Steve, founder member of Sheaf Knot until it’s sad demise in 2006, joined Monkey’s Fist in 2007, and rapidly made his mark by both complementing and improving the earlier performances. As well as adding his own impressive list of new material, Steve has now become the band’s expert at introductions, seamlessly linking the sets without sending the audience to sleep!

John Horsey

Another castaway from Sheaf Knot, John is not only a fine performer in his own right, but now adds the sophistication and musical quality to the overall sound of Monkey’s Fist, with tight harmonies and expert accompaniment on guitar and concertina (and perhaps piano in the not too distant future).